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Thorsen Joinery Awarded Best of Houzz 2017

I regularly put photos of my work on Houzz (an online platform that unites home owners with building professionals and designers), where I’m pleased to have been awarded Best of Houzz 2017 – Client Satisfaction! Thanks Houzz community, and thanks to my clients!
“This professional was rated at the highest level for client satisfaction by the Houzz community.”
If you’re stuck for ideas for shelving or storage solutions then check out my Houzz photos here.

New Workshop

I’m really pleased to be settling well into my new workshop in Tottenham! Having a great space to work is crucial for a carpenter and workshop space in London is hard to come by. I was camped in the garden at home for a time – the missus was not impressed with the dust and noise! The workshop itself is large and space is shared with other carpenters, joiners and woodworkers; it’s good to be surrounded by further talent. And, most importantly, I’ve found a good coffee shop nearby! 

A Mention in the Financial Times

The business networking site LinkedIn is not normally the domain of carpenters or the ‘trades’, which is why my profile recently caught the eye of Emma Jacobs, a writer at the Financial Times.

LinkedIn are trying to encourage more trades to join and I may be one of  few carpenters that have used the social medial platform to build up business and connect to customers. Though I do confess to be more of a Twitter user and regularly work with users of local community websites, such as

Do you use LinkedIn? Feel free to view the article and link to my profile:

To read the article: 

LinkedIn seeks to embrace left-out blue-collar workers

To view my LinkedIn profile:

Alcove Shelves and Cupboard Units

Lately I’ve been building a lot of shelving and alcove units either side of fireplaces. Usually I construct the shelving to be removable, but it may depend on how straight your walls are!

With the extreme arctic cold snap predicted for this xmas, it sounds like a good time to sit cosily by the fire with some good books at hand and some family games in the cupboard. See my photo gallery for an example of shaker style doors; they are very popular because of their simplicity and work well in London homes, from Victorian to modern.

If you have a pile of books, photos or objects of interest and would like to show them off to better effect, then consider alcove shelving and units. Give me a call for a quote, they could make a fantastic difference to your room this winter.


Welcome to my new website! I hope it shows you how I can solve your carpentry and home building problems! I’m not always available to show photos of my work, so I have shown a selection on this website. I do have a lot of photos (and experience) though, so please get in touch if you can’t see anything that you think might be relevant to your project.

Please forward my website details on to any friends and family, those that may be needing help with their building renovations, kitchen updates, storage problems or rattling sash windows.

And if you already have a handy reliable builder or building firm, they may need an extra pair of hands. Point them my way too, larger renovations jobs are not a problem and a large part of what I do.

I look forward to meeting and working with you!